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It s going to be difficult for me to put into words cos you see I haven t your gift, your gift of the gab. He wagged the hand that was within his. You know you ve got the gift of the gab, don t you? But there s one thing, when you open your mouth something meaningful always comes out. That s the difference between you an me . . . and the likes of me. But I . . . I want to tell you, I ve been learnin these months past

There s not a day gone by when I ve been with you but I haven t learned something from you. It mightn t show, it still hasn t covered up me aggressiveness. Again he shook her hand. And I want to tell you something more. I ve liked being with you . . . I mean, I do like being with you. You won t believe this, but well, I . . . I find you sort of exciting, I ve never known any other woman like you. Well, I wouldn t, would I, not coming from my quarter? Mind, I must say at this point that Janie was a fine girl and I was happy with her. I ve got to say that; you said a minute ago let s be honest. Yet, at the same time, I ve got to admit she wasn t excitin . Lovable aye, but not excitin . Looking back, I see that Janie had little to teach me, only perhaps thoughtfulness for others; she could get really worked up over other people s problems, you know, and after all, that s no small thing, is it?

No, it isn t . . . Rory.


What is the answer you re giving me? I . . . I want to hear it in . . . in definite terms. You are being kind now but I don t know whether it is merely to soothe me. I want to hear you say, “Yes, Charlotte,” or “No, Charlotte.”

Their hands were still joined, their knees almost touching, their faces not more than two feet apart, and he knew that if he said no, his life would in some way become empty, barren, and not only because he might no longer have admittance to this house.

. . . Yes . . . Charlotte.

He watched her close her eyes. When she opened them they were bright; in any other face they would have been starry.

It s a bargain.

Aye, it s a bargain.


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