Who We Are

We are Kichwa. What does this mean? Kichwa people are an indigenous group native to the Napo region of Ecuador. We have a beautiful culture, with many traditions and identities. Wiñak is the first fully Kichwa owned and operated chocolate association, and we are determined to make our communities proud. 


In the 1980s, we were forced to fight for our land, our worldview, and our rights. Thanks to these principles and the demand of the small farmers in the area, we created Association Wiñak with the goal to improve the living conditions of our farmers and their families.


Wiñak assists its partners and small farmers with various services, including training, technical assistance, and microcredit options.


Of everyone who is involved in our supply chain, including promoting Wiñak, we prioritize the dignity of our actively participating Kichwa women. We also value our production of cacao under the chakra system to preserve biodiversity and improve food security.



Our Vision


We strive to be a leader in the Napo province, commercializing and developing processes of cacao and guayusa. We maintain an association that is committed to sustainable development socially, environmentally, and economically. We are here to improve the lives of our communities and families, while bringing our amazing products to the world.  

Our Mission​

To improve the production and productivity of our associates and commercialize their products and services, maintaining both quality and identity and growing in a manner that is equitable for everyone, including protecting and preserving our natural resources. 


Environmental Policy

We commit to promoting clean and sustainable methods of production through the implementation of environmentally friendly practices that conserve natural resources and biodiversity. We maintain the traditional chacra system meanwhile conserving our culture, identity, and worldview.